Digital Place For Local Public Services

Grow your own digital platform and bring your ideas to life quickly and cost effectively.

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Digital Place for Local Public Services

Digital Place helps you to grow your local digital services and bring your ideas to life quickly and cost effectively. Make quick progress with over 150 pre-built services and forms, and add new services whenever you want. Now it’s easy to bring all of your services and information together in one place, with a consistent digital experience on every device.

Key Features

  • GDS UX standard
  • Personalisation & roles
  • Services & forms builder
  • Legacy-friendly integrations
  • Customer & business accounts
  • Case management
  • CRM system
  • GIS finder
  • Content Management System
  • Document management
  • Publishing workflow
  • Customer analytics

Leading Local

Our clients are leaders in local democracy and public service, not just digital. To succeed they need to build new digital services quickly, incrementally and at low cost, setting a great example for others to build on their place-based initiatives.

Key Benefits

  • Control of digital development in achievable outcome-producing stages
  • A way to prototype quickly and test digital solutions by engaging users earlier in design
  • Enhanced capability to solve local business problems and create digital applications quickly
  • Freedom from inflexible suppliers for whom change is difficult, costly and slow
  • Independence from proprietary softwarethat creates vendor ‘lock in’
  • Integration with legacy systems so they don’t block progress
  • Flexibility to buy and mix together fit-for-purpose technology from a variety of providers
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Designing Your Place

Start with a Digital Place that has been designed by local government for local government. Customise, configure and add new services as you wish. Share development with other councils.

14+ Core Feature Cubes

15+ Enhanced Feature Cubes

50+ Local Service Cubes

20+ Community Cubes

14+ Integration Cubes

Your Ecosystem Never Sleeps

Together we will help you grow your ecosystem as your Digital Place development partner. Engage local businesses, social enterprise, volunteers and charities, and local community groups.

Continuous Lifecycle Approach

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