Helping you get the most out of Liferay

With Liferay, digital leaders can enable every department to serve the customer consistently, by integrating deeply with business operations and building an understanding of the customer with every interaction

UK’s leading Liferay Partner

With over ten years experience working on Liferay projects across a variety of industry sectors, our technical teams are experts in how to use Liferay to produce business results.

Liferay plus, plus, plus

As well as working on client projects, we also build our own Liferay-based solutions, extending what it can do by adding new features, services and integrations to our growing Cube List.

Ready when you need us

We have extended our UK team, through nearshore and offshore facilities, to meet the growing demand for our services and to offer a more flexible and scalable approach to our clients.

We are able to flex the amount of resources applied to your project by using our experienced teams and multi-disciplinary resource pool.

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Liferay Solutions

Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Flexible Solution Building Software

Liferay DXP’s suite of components and features let you build exactly what you want in order to meet your unique requirements. Create solutions that fit your business, not the other way around.

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Liferay DXP for Intranets

Tailored, Relevant Communication for Each Employee

Companies are leaning on digital tools to get work done faster, but that efficiency is lost when employees spend hours searching for the right information. Now recapture your time.

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Liferay DXP for Integration Platforms

Fuel Digital Transformation With Enterprise Integration

By bringing legacy solutions into a unified system, companies save time and resources through eliminating silos, connecting databases and shortening business processes.

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