For the benefit of our clients and employees, we are publishing our Covid-19 Response on this page and will continue to review and update this information.

Last Reviewed: August 2021

At this time, Placecube deems the Covid-19 outbreak as a medium-level business risk. We considered what we have learned over the past year and the digital nature of our operations, taking into account that our employees work remotely, in geographically separate locations. We also considered the impact upon our customers, current Government guidelines and the national vaccine programme.

As a responsible company, we will continually review the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak in order to assess business risks and adjust our operating procedures to provide the safest continuity of service.

The safety and well-being of our employees and clients remains our top priority and our policy is to follow official HM Government advice and guidelines, as a minimum.

We have taken the following actions to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak and to ensure that we are able to meet our contractual commitments.

  • We have temporarily suspended all face-to-face meetings to avoid team members being in close contact with one another.
  • Client site visits are limited to exceptional circumstances, only, with the vast majority of work and meetings being conducted remotely.
  • We have mobilised our near-shore partner resources to augment our internal development team, in the event that these permanent team members are re-deployed to client projects or are indisposed due to illness.
  • The Placecube technical team is implementing additional working practices to enable it to further reduce any dependency on individuals, making use of our full capability to draw on a pool of resources to fulfil our obligations.
  • Our continuous resource planning and weekly review meetings include additional planning for sickness contingency.
  • In the event that we identify a risk to the delivery of the services we provide to any client; we will discuss the likely impact and changes with the client at the first available opportunity. We recognise that in some circumstances it may be necessary to reprioritise our workload in order to provide increased support to clients who use our services in response to the current situation although we will endeavour to ensure no client services are unduly affected.

Should there be any concerns or advice required by clients or employees they should contact Jenny Dias (COO on or Jason Fahy (CEO on

Jason Fahy – Chief Executive
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Placecube Business Continuity Plans and Coronavirus 17.03.20