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Whether you want to build new services, require ongoing support
or simply need a few pointers, we’ll help your team succeed,
so you can grow your Digital Place your way.


Design. Build. Automate. Grow.

We use agile methods to deliver rapid, incremental success
Right-sized, high calibre teams that know how to help you exploit technology
Experienced technical leadership to interpret your strategy with pragmatic solutions
Cross-functional approach for efficient delivery with a broader perspective
Full project delivery or blended teams, flexibly meeting your budgetary needs


  • Digital strategy
  • Customer experience
  • Customer analytics

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Your digital strategy will encompass everything you do, and we understand how important that is. Equally, your transformation goals must be achievable and show early, incremental results.

Our skilled teams work with you, ensuring your digital projects are designed with your customers at the centre. For us, success is about designing great customer experiences with clear success criteria that can be measured, tracked and quickly adjusted.


  • Agile methods
  • Flexible resourcing
  • Incremental development

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Agile methods give greater visibility and support by working with you.

Flexible resourcing with transparent pricing so you remain in control.

We build iteratively at a pace that suits your organisation.


  • Workflow design
  • Connected data
  • Intelligent automation

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Intelligent automation means we work with our clients to equip their workflow with simple decision-making and automated tasks, helping them to be more productive by focusing on things that only they can do and eliminating time consuming, repetitive tasks.

Sometimes a ‘robot’ can be as simple as a more intelligent form that decides on the best workflow to initiate. In all cases, the decision to automate is driven by careful analysis of service and user data, so it’s just part of an objective service redesign conversation.


  • Your platform
  • Your place
  • Your way

Grow digital services across and beyond your organisation, launching services that bring people, communities, businesses and infrastructure closer together for a more connected experience.

  • Create new local services
  • Publish local initiative microsites
  • Support integrated care systems
  • Launch local service directories
  • Provide community collaboration spaces
  • Connect teams, departments, organisations and places
  • Engage communities and users in planning and design
  • Introduce automation and AI to evolve digital services

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Maybe you have a few questions for us, would like to know more about what we do, or you simply want to discuss the next step in your digital journey. Please get in touch today, our team of digital experts are ready to help.