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Easily add new features and services to your Digital Place
with our open catalogue of re-usable cubes.

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Feature Cubes

Cubes that provide core digital features and tools, and can be combined together to form the foundation of a Digital Place design.

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  • Web CMS (content management)

    Allows users to create, edit and publish content as well as take advantage of reusable content templates and structures – built-in workflow, article versioning, search, and metadata.
    Information Architecture - categorisation and tagging tools to define vocabularies GOV.UK Design System Styles and Components
    LocalGov display templates, page fragments and widgets

  • Forms builder

    Design, publish and manage forms with a simple-to-use drag-and-drop interface – conditional rules allow users to introduce dynamic behaviour in forms and allow personalisation of the questions or fields to show/require based on how users respond

  • Citizen/Resident Account

    (registration, dashboard, profile)
    Enables secure account for those services that need it

  • Customer Contact Management

    Provides a joined up view of the customer and their interactions. Accessible by Customer Service Agents and operational teams to manage new service requests, escalations and follow up contacts. User interface allows Admins to configure channels, service types and SLAs to your requirements. Works with MyAccount cube to provide self-service tracking of contacts by the customer.

  • Document and Asset management

    Unified document repository that houses documents, video, audio, images and other media types – check in / check out, metadata and versioning

  • Analytics

    Google Analytics and Matomo integration for web analytics

  • Advanced analytics*

    Advanced analytics enabling more granular insight over content assets as well as page and customer journeys. Enables analytics for logged in users, building up deeper picture of digital behaviour. Supports user segmentation and data driven audience targeting

    *additional cost third-party service

  • e-Commerce

    Product and service catalogue management, browsing and recommendations, checkout, shipping and order management dashboards for customers

  • Chatbot*

    Digital Place can be integrated with a number of existing chatbots and AI-powered speech analysis tools e.g. Amazon Lex

    *additional cost third-party service

  • Live Web Chat*

    Digital Place can be integrated with a number of existing web chat services e.g.

    *additional cost third-party service

  • User segmentation

    Enables “contextual personalisation” which is the specification of content, functionality and features in real time based on a user’s location, device, activities and personal attributes

  • Low Code Application Builder

    Enables councils to build and deliver applications with minimal code through a visual UI. These applications are integrated with other Digital Place cubes and the core capabilities in Liferay DXP, so you can quickly develop and manage flexible solutions while maintaining a seamless user experience.

  • Business account

    (registration, dashboard, profile)
    Enables secure account for those services that need it

  • User transaction history

    Enables audit trail and supports single view across multiple channels

  • User management & security

    Create and manage users, organisations, user groups, roles and password policies. View all of the live portal sessions of your users

  • Multi-language support

    Out-of-the-box support for many languages, including right-to-left language support. Users can toggle between different language settings with just one click. You can also easily add other languages and create multi-language versions of content

  • Data protection

    Supports implementation of GDPR and control over how the platform manages user data – tools to erase a user’s personal data and export a user’s personal data in a machine-readable format upon request

  • Search

    Dynamic, extensible search based on Elasticsearch, the market-leading open source search engine – provides powerful search monitoring, tuning and scaling

  • External website search

    Search can be configured to crawl and index external websites relevant to the audience, e.g. partners, franchises, including them in a single results list

Service Cubes

Cubes designed for local places, including integrated services, standard case types and forms, organised by service area.

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  • Bins and recycling

    Find my bin collection days

    Request an assisted collection

    Book a garden waste sack collection

    Subscribe to a garden waste collection

    Book a bulky waste collection

    Request a new waste container

    Report a missed collection

  • Benefits

    View my housing benefit account

  • Births, deaths, marriages and citizenship

    Book to register a birth

    Book to register a death

  • Business rates

    Apply for small business rate relief

    Apply for an empty property exemption

  • Council and democracy

    Contact the Mayor/Leader

    Member Enquiries Case Management

  • Complaints and feedback

    Complaints, Compliments & Comments Case Management

  • Council tax

    View my council tax bill

    Apply for an empty Annexe exemption

    Apply for a bankruptcy order exemption

    Apply for an occupation prohibited by law exemption

    Apply for a repossessed premises exemption

    Apply for a council tax discount for someone in hospital, care or prison

    Apply for council tax exemption on a property left empty following a death

  • Customer services

    Close your council account

  • FOI

    Freedom of Information Case Management

  • Housing

    Report an unlicensed property

    Report an abandoned council house or flat

    Ask a question about my rent

    Report Tenancy Fraud

    View my council housing rent account

    View my council housing benefits account

  • Libraries

    Find a library

  • Licences and permits

    Apply for a Driver, Vehicle or Operator Licence (Beta)

  • Parks and open spaces

    Report a problem in a park

    Report a problem in a play area

  • Pests, pollution, noise and food

    Report a noise nuisance problem

    Report a problem with smoke, smells, dust or lights

  • Planning and building regulations

    Report a breach of planning rules

    Report a breach of building regulations

    Make a building regulations full plans application

  • Schools, learning and early years

    Register at a Children's Centre

  • Social care and health

    Make a child safeguarding referral

    Report suspected adult abuse

    Find out about and apply to be a foster carer

  • Streets and travel

    Make a complaint about a taxi

    Report a problem with a traffic light

    Report a fault with a street light

    Change your bus pass address details

    Replace a stolen bus pass

    Get an older person's bus pass

    Report fly-tipping

    Report a street that needs cleaning

    Report graffiti

    Report flyposting

    Report an abandoned vehicle

Community Cubes

Engage your community with cubes that help you connect, share and collaborate across groups, teams and networks.

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  • Flexible group templates

    Create templates to accommodate different requirements and types of group, for example, communities of practice, projects, teams and departments.

  • Document library

    Document and media library - as per document management below

  • Networks

    Branded group of groups with own homepage to be managed by network administrator.

  • Microsites

    Publicly visible mini-website, with web content management and listings, managed by a microsite administrator.

  • User profile pages

    Individuals can edit/delete their own profile details

  • User registration

    Individuals can register for their own account

  • Social login

    Use login credentials from another social media account to sign in (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook)

  • Social connections

    Connect with like-minded individuals - mutual connection enables direct/instant messaging

  • People finder

    Search for people to connect with

  • User settings and profile management

    Users can edit and manage their own profile and update settings, such as privacy controls, language and email notifications

  • User privacy controls

    Individuals can decide which elements of their profile to make visible and to whom

  • Group management

    System administrators can create, edit, delete groups (network administrators can create groups within networks)

  • User engagement reports and analytics

    Usage analytics and downloadable management information available to group and network administrators about the activity in their groups/networks

  • Events calendar

    Promote forthcoming events, add booking link (*can be integrated with third party booking applications)

  • Direct messaging

    Send direct messages to other members

  • Knowledge base

    Allows users to add and categorise content in the form of articles – content can be added directly through the web or imported from external sources with category-based navigation

  • Blogs

    WYSIWYG editor designed to create blog entries quickly – RSS support, threaded user and guest comments, tags and labels, social bookmarking links

  • Group membership and permissions

    Create and manage different group types, with varied access permissions e.g. open, restricted, private, privileged

  • Forums

    Threaded views, categories, RSS capability, avatars, drag-and-drop file attachments, drag-and-drop image additions, section renaming, category and thread grouping, notification management, previews, dynamic list of recent posts, and forum statistics

  • Wikis

    Versioning, categories, Creole, HTML, or plain text modes, WYSIWYG editing, drag-and-drop support for page creation, page history and reversion, and permissions

  • Polls

    Allows users and administrators to create multiple choice polls that keep track of votes and display results on the page

  • Ideas

    Create, share, edit and manage ideas - most popular ideas go to the top of the list

  • News

    Add latest news updates

  • Group finder

    Search for groups to join

  • Activity streams

    View most recent activity from groups/connections and get to content quickly

  • Activity subscriptions

    Subscribe to email updates on all content and activity

  • Recommendations

    Individuals are recommended groups, suggestions and content based on their profile and connections

  • Security

    Various features supporting platform access control and security including forced email re-validation, forced re-acceptance of terms and conditions, unverified and inactive account deactivation and deletion.

Integration Cubes

Cubes that integrate the end-to-end experience by connecting with commonly used business systems and productivity tools.

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  • Active Directory

    Link to active directory for shared login

  • ArcGIS integration

    Enables services which require GIS mapping and data layers to be integrated with ArcGIS

  • Bartec connector

    Enables Waste Services to request data from the Bartec Collective system and post work requests

  • Capita ONE/Academy Revenues connector

    Enables council tax account services to call Capita APIs

  • CivicaAPP Taxi Licensing connector

    Enables Taxi Licensing application services to call the Civica APP API

  • DTF database

    Enables a service that requires in-area address lookups to use the DTF format for postcode searches

  • ECHO connector

    Enables Waste Services to request data from the Selected Interventions ECHO system and post work requests

  • GOV.UK Notify

    Enables councils to use GOV.UK Notify to send notifications to service users

  • GOV.UK Pay

    Enables services which require payments to be taken at the point of request to integrate with the GOV.UK Pay payment service, passing user details to the payment system without re-keying

  • Ordnance Survey Places API

    Enables services which require location look ups to use the OS Places API for out-of-area postcode searches

  • M365 Bookings connector

    Enables a service that requires booking to get available times and dates, and post back selected options to M365 calendars

  • NEC M3/Assure connector

    Enables Taxi Licensing application services to call the NEC M3/Assure API

  • Pay360 connector

    Enables services which require payments to be taken at the point of request to integrate with the Pay360 payment service, passing user details to the system without re-keying

  • SharePoint connector

    Allows users to mount and browse SharePoint document repositories through Documents and Media

  • Salesforce connector

    Enables services to store work requests and case details in Salesforce CRM

  • Slack activity stream push

    View Slack content in activity streams

  • Statmap Gazetteer

    Enables a service that requires in-area address lookups to use the Statmap Gazetteer for postcode searches

  • Webaspx connector

    Enables Waste Services to request data from the Webaspx system and post work requests

  • Whitespace connector

    Enables Waste Services to request data from the Whitespace system and post work requests