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Placecube is a trusted Liferay Service Partner.
We’ve been delivering with Liferay for over a decade.


Leading Liferay Partner

With ten years experience working on Liferay projects across a variety of industry sectors, our technical teams are experts in how to use Liferay to produce business results.

Liferay plus, plus, plus

As well as working on client projects, we also build our own Liferay-based solutions, extending what it can do by adding new features, services and integrations to our growing Cube List.

Ready when you are

We have extended our UK team, through nearshore and offshore facilities, to meet the growing demand for our services and to offer a more flexible and scalable approach to clients.



One Platform.
Endless Solutions.

Deliver a tailored solution for your challenges
on a flexible, integrated digital experience platform.


Create Simple, Effective Self-Service Experiences

Accommodate your growing customer base by making self-service your dominant strategy.

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Increase Online Revenue with B2B Commerce

Set up your business for sustainable growth with Liferay’s solutions for B2B digital commerce.

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Drive Employee Productivity

Lead the Push for Employee Productivity and Engagement.

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Unify Disparate Systems

Tackle the Challenge of Legacy IT and the Need to Continuously Create Better Experiences.

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Talk to a specialist

We know it’s hard to know where or when to start with digital services, that’s why we offer a completely free, no obligation project scope before you commit to anything.

Maybe you have a few questions for us, would like to know more about what we do, or you simply want to discuss the next step in your digital journey. Please get in touch today, our team of digital experts are ready to help.