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Your open directory platform
makes it easy to collect, assure and share community services data, locally.

Now you can create local directories and make it easier for service providers and volunteers to submit and maintain their records online, in one place.

Watch our short animation to find out how Open Place Directory can improve data quality and outcomes for service users.

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Collect. Assure. Share.

Putting assured local services in the hands of community workers.

  • Easy to tag, filter and search services
  • Easy to submit and update service information
  • Upload leaflet images
  • Uses LGA/OpenReferral data standards
  • Easy to connect and feed front-line apps
  • Open API integration
  • Assurer validation workflow
  • Workflow status dashboard
  • Flexible permission roles
  • Assurer-Provider message exchange
  • Mobile responsive
  • Quick to deploy

See how easy it is to engage your community.

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Open access to community services.

We need an open ecosystem of services, rather than a monolithic platform trapped inside one organisation.

  • Reduce effort and costs by collecting, tagging and assuring data once
  • Improve data quality with consistent data assurance workflow
  • Open data means councils can benefit from apps built by the community and private sector
  • LGA/OpenReferral data standards means that third party apps and websites can easily use the directory
  • Capture valuable information on the use and relevance of local services
  • Affordable solution that can be shared across your place
  • Consistently accurate data for frontline users and applications
  • Remove waste by collecting data once, assuring, the sharing across agencies
  • Reduce statutory services demand by ensuring the success of front-line apps based on assured data

We need an open ecosystem of services, rather than a monolithic platform trapped inside one organisation.

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Dr. Gavin Beckett
Director, Product Research & Innovation

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