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Your open digital platform
for making and re-using local services

Start by re-using over 150 ready-made cubes and create new services at your own pace.
Now it’s easy to bring your services and information together in one place
and give a consistent and accessible user experience.


Rich. Open. Interoperable.

Integrated components, feature-rich capability, open digital platform. Yes, really!

  • Content management system
  • Forms engine
  • Workflow engine
  • Extensive Search engine
  • Customer & business accounts
  • Case management
  • Customer Contact Management (CRM)
  • Microsites and templates
  • Legacy-friendly integrations
  • Document management
  • Publishing & collaboration
  • User personalisation & roles
  • App builder
  • A/B testing
  • Customer analytics
Cube List

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Re-use. Localise. Grow.

Benefit from £3m+ already invested in building local services.
Develop new services at your own pace.

  • Allotments & gardens
  • Bins & recycling
  • Births, deaths, marriages & citizenship
  • Business rates
  • Council & democracy
  • Council tax
  • Crime & emergencies
  • Data Protection & FOI
  • Elections
  • Housing
  • Libraries
  • Licences & permits
  • Complaints & feedback
  • Customer services
  • Parking
  • Parks & open spaces
  • Pests, pollution, noise & food
  • Planning & building regulations
  • Schools, learning & early years
  • Social care & health
  • Streets & travel
  • Many legacy-system integrations
Cube List

See all services in the Cube List

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Sustainable partnerships

A fresh, affordable and transparent way to build better connected digital places
by co-creating and reusing integrated digital services designed by
Local Government for Local Government.



Integrated experiences

  • Freedom from multiple package subscriptions
    – no more inflexible suppliers and costly integrations
  • Independence from proprietary software that creates vendor ‘lock in’
    – take back control of your digital transformation
  • Integration with legacy systems so they don’t hold you back
    – build faster with interoperable cubes
  • Flexibility to buy and mix together fit-for-purpose technology
    – one platform for you to engage a variety of providers

Find out more in the Product Guide.

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Controlled results

  • Certainty of costs with our all-inclusive subscription
    – Public Sector only pays once and openly shares innovation
  • Continuous re-use and early results
    – Open Standards confidence and Open Source flexibility
  • Control digital development incrementally
    – with achievable stages producing clear outcomes
  • Prototype quickly and test digital solutions
    – engage users earlier in design
  • Enhanced capability to solve local business problems
    – create digital applications quickly

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Customer Support



We manage the platform for you, so you can concentrate on managing your services and users. If you need us, you can reach us at any time, or just check online at the Placecube Service Desk. You can also join our growing online community where our users share ideas, exchange tips and help to guide our future developments.

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Platform services

Build your place, your way. We’ll help you create new services, publish microsites, integrate systems, launch service directories, collaborate with communities, and connect teams and service providers across your place.


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# Description Year One Year Two
1 Digital Place Platform
  Foundation Subscription £100,000 £100,000
2 Integration Services
£8,000 As required
  Integration FREE FREE
3 Extras
  New Cube Fund Included As required
  Additional Training £2,500 As required
  Design POA
  UX/UI development POA
  Content Migration POA
  24/7 Support £7,200 As required
Total £108,000 £100,000
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Doing the right thing

These commitments are part of how we uphold our reputation for doing the right thing.

  1. Our subscription pricing will be transparent and fair
  2. We will not charge you a premium to integrate with our software or any digital services we provide
  3. We will use and support open standards
  4. We will uphold the principles of data protection, security and privacy by design
  5. We believe web accessibility is essential, always
  6. We will always seek to minimise the impact or disruption of change
  7. We believe you have a right to know how your service is performing at all times
  8. We are committed to Place by design


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