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Better-Connected Data

Organisations typically have large volumes of diverse and valuable historical data. Often, the data is stored across multiple separate repositories in a wide variety of formats.

Begin by streamlining and organising data in a secure way that will enable you to analyse and deliver valuable information both internally and externally across your organisation and beyond. Create better connections, reduce risk and increase collaboration.



Secure.  Fast.  Collaborative.

  • Secure and better-connected data
  • Improved insight from your data
  • Faster access to your data
  • Reduce your risk
  • Better collaboration on valuable business information – internally and externally
  • Savings on ever-increasing storage costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint

The Problems Faced In Data Services

  • The Perils of Siloed Work

Siloed repositories often inhibit organisations in accessing both internally available information and valuable additional information that sits outside of the organisation.

  • Handling Sensitive Data

Analysing all the different types of valuable data available including text, images, speech, and video can be problematic, especially to identify the sensitive and PII data within it when required.  Organisations may have a valuable knowledge base, but they often struggle to harness the full value from it, to consistently share this knowledge, and to make it easily and securely available to those colleagues that need it.

  • Lack of Knowledge & Cohesion

There may be an abundance of IT tools, but a lack of knowledge to make them work together at a reasonable cost.  Internal knowledge sharing may be inhibited, and thus work is often duplicated.

  • Moving Data to the Cloud

Deciding what data is redundant, obsolete, or trivial can be a struggle. What should be legally and defensibly deleted before it gets unnecessarily moved into the cloud, typically halving the projected cloud storage costs and time required?

Our Solution

secure, easy to use solutions

Our unified data analytics service directly addresses these Information Governance issues by providing our clients with secure, easy to use solutions that can:

  • Analyse and deliver all types of valuable information, internally and externally, across geographical and IT boundaries, to support users’ knowledge and collaboration needs
  • Provide fast and scalable policy-driven content analysis, clean-up, management and migration
  • Supply ready to go PII (personally identifiable information) grammars that  shrink project completion timescales from years, down to days
  • Create a competitive advantage and value to our clients, while also improving their customers’ experiences
  • Removes risk, reduces cost and reduces carbon footprint

Our platform approach brings data and communities together across places, making it simpler, easier and faster for services in your place to be more joined-up and operate with greater intelligence and efficiency.

Dr. Gavin Beckett
Chief Product Officer

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