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Pride of Place is a new approach led by Business in the Community which asks businesses to engage in communities. It brings together the skills and resources of business to help some of our communities in greatest need thrive again. It is a strategic and long-term approach based on over 35 years of experience of Business in the Community.  The aim is to build healthy communities with successful business at their heart.

Placecube is committed to this initiative through its investment in innovative technology, Digital Place, that is designed to bring government, businesses and communities closer together in place-based initiatives which promote healthy, thriving local ecosystems with improved outcomes and sustainability for the Place as a whole.

As a small UK company, working virtually, it responsibly minimises and reduces its environmental impact and recognises its significant potential to contribute to society through its technology. As a business we subscribe to the principles and priorities expressed by Business in the Community and Pride of Place in particular. 

You can read more about these at the Business in the Community website, which summarises its initiative as follows: 

Place: A strong business-led response to building trust between business and society

The economy depends on towns and cities harnessing the potential of every man and woman who lives in them. Our towns and cities have always been at the heart of economic development and the creation of prosperity whether as marketplaces or as centres of enterprise, knowledge, culture, learning and innovation.

However, the forces changing the way we live work and learn today, exacerbated by the advances in digital technology are leaving too many communities behind. There is an unacceptable gap between those who are benefitting from the changes and those who are not.

This is creating a fracture in society and a breakdown in trust between business and society which demands a strong business-led response.

Place is a response by business to take ownership of this problem and Business in the Community is uniquely placed to bring the various stakeholders together to make it happen.