Your open integration platform
for connecting data about places, communities and services.

Now you can create more intelligent service experiences to help organisations,
communities and business users address their needs, improve outcomes
and aid future service design.


Bringing together multiple data sources and sensory inputs
to help organisations, communities and business users
address their local needs.


Analyse. Predict. Engage.

  • Understand contextual data about Place and people‚Äôs needs within it
  • Respond to the climate emergency by integrating NetZero data from devices
  • Predict service and infrastructure demand and spot emerging trends
  • Map service use, model service design and visualise user service journeys
  • Share service performance, assess needs for new services and information
  • Engage communities, businesses and stakeholder groups in co-development
  • Combine sensor data from local place infrastructure with strategic needs
  • Connect data across local public services, developing place-based insights
  • Unlock silos and remove restrictions of legacy back-office applications
  • Co-developed with public sector for public sector
  • Low cost, flexible solution


Connect place data with services.

  • Open platform of components designed to connect systems and data
  • Uses Liferay DXP core for authentication, personalisation and geolocation
  • Extended with open source data services for analysis, visualisation and publication
  • Connect to data from transactional services and Internet of Things
  • Collect, manage and publish open data
  • Ensure security and privacy by design for personal data
  • Access back-office systems to extract data for service performance analysis
  • User configurable components and open architecture puts you in control
  • Persona-based permissions to control access and management of data
  • Integrates with Digital Place platform to extend intelligent services capabilities

Our platform approach brings data and communities together across places, making it simpler, easier and faster for services in your place to be more joined-up and operate with greater intelligence.

Dr. Gavin Beckett
Chief Product Officer

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