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Cubes are pre-built blocks of digital innovation that give you the flexibility to continually develop your digital place both quickly and cost effectively.

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Find new features and services you can add to your Digital Place with our open catalogue of re-usable cubes.

Core Feature

Enhanced Feature


Local Service

Corporate Service


Core FeatureCubes

Cubes that provide basic digital features and tools, and can be combined together to form the core foundation of a Digital Place design.
  • User Management & Security
  • Wikis
  • Knowledge Base
  • E-Forms Builder
  • Group Membership & Security
  • Forums
  • Polls
  • Workflow
  • Web CMS (Content Management)
  • Document Library
  • User Segmentation
  • Blogs
  • Microblogs
  • Document Management

Enhanced FeatureCubes

Advanced features we’ve created to enhance your Digital Place experience and services.
  • Government Digital Services UX
  • Enterprise Website UX
  • Community Collaboration UX
  • Advanced Page Templates
  • Enhanced Navigation
  • Enhanced Editorial
  • Elastic Search
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Address Lookup Form
  • Citizen Account
  • Business Account
  • User Transaction History
  • Case Management
  • Project Group Pages
  • Department Group Pages


Engage your community with cubes that help you connect, share and collaborate across groups, teams and networks.
  • Community Group Pages
  • User Profile Pages
  • User Registration
  • Social Login
  • Social Connections
  • Activity Streams
  • Activity Subscriptions
  • Direct Messaging
  • Networks
  • User Profile Management
  • User Privacy Controls
  • People Finder
  • Group Finder
  • Group Management
  • Recommendations
  • User Engagement Reports
  • Ideas Factory
  • Events Calendar

Local ServiceCubes

Cubes designed for local public serivce with over 50 optimised services and forms organised by service area.
  • Bins & Recycling
  • Births, Deaths, Marriages & Citizenship
  • Business Rates
  • Council Tax
  • Crime & Emergencies
  • Data Protection & FOI
  • Elections
  • Housing
  • Licences & Permits
  • Parking
  • Parks & Open Spaces
  • Pests, Pollution, Noise & Food
  • Planning & Building Regulations
  • Schools, Learning & Early Years
  • Social Care & Health
  • Streets & Travel

Corporate ServiceCubes

Cubes designed to lighten the workload of corporate adminstration.
  • Annual Leave Request
  • Expenses Claim


Cubes that integrate the end-to-end experience by connecting with commonly used business systems and productivity tools.
  • Sharepoint Connector
  • Active Directory
  • Slack Activity Stream Push
  • Eventbrite Sync
  • BookingBug Connector
  • CivicaCX Connector
  • Capita Pay360 Connector
  • Salesforce Connector
  • ArcGIS Connector
  • Northgate Revenues & Benefits Connector
  • ECHO Connector
  • OHMS Connector
  • Uniform Connector
  • Colony Connector

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